1. To inform awareness and understanding of the range of factors and uses potentially impacting on the marine area within the Eastern Mediterranean area, their potential cumulative impact on the environment and projected future trends.
  2. To identify spatial demands for maritime sectors at basin and marine waters scales and measures to reduce conflicts and promote synergies, including multi-use of marine areas, under an ecosystem-based approach.
  3. To identify and address important data gaps and support the coherence of data analysis across marine area boundaries, promoting data sharing and joint use of data through existing portals (e.g. EMODnet, ADRIPLAN, etc.), with emphasis on transboundary areas and issues.
  4. To explore the potential spatial requirements for marine conservation; specifically the challenges around transboundary working.
  5. To promote mechanisms for transboundary cooperation on MSP implementation, involving all relevant stakeholders in the planning and, in perspective, the management phase.
  6. To promote the coherent implementation of MSP and ICZM under the Barcelona Convention Strategies and Protocols and the consistent application of the ecosystem approach, both on regional/sub-regional level.
  7. To address concretely MSP local and transboundary issues in selected case studies areas, anticipating and supporting the development of national plans.