C3.1 Coordinated visual identity

A Coordinated visual identity for the project will be prepared during the initial stage of project. It will include project’s logo, templates for documents, leaflets and Power Point presentations. It will be shared with the EC and will consider the visual identity rules and guidelines of the EC when relevant. It will be used by all partners along the project in every communication and dissemination activities.


C3.2 Project web portal

A web portal will be developed during the initial stage of the project. The web portal will include a description of the main characteristics of the  project and will be continuously  updated on  project events and news related to MSP. Compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, level AA will be guaranteed. In order to publicise project activities the use of social networks is foreseen (facebook, linkedin groups, etc.), using also the existing partners’ structures.


C3.3 Leaflets and newsletters, final booklet

Information leaflets will be produced according to the templates developed in 3.1 in a form that can be easily distributed through the website and during conferences. At least two leaflets are foreseen along the project. Three newsletters will be prepared every six months (month 6, 12, 18) and they will present updates on the project activities (outputs and case studies) and outline in particular the progress towards an effective MSP as an enabling condition for Blue Growth. A booklet will be produced in the final stage of the project (to be ready at month 23), in which  the process and the main results will be reported in a plain way, for an easy communication also to non-experts. Leaflets, newsletters and the booklet will be produced in English and translated in the languages of the countries participating in the consortium. They will be made available in paper and in electronic formats, and will be downloadable from the project website.


C3.4 Launching and Closing Conferences

The Launching Conference will be organised back-to-back to the kick-off meeting of the Joint PG & SC and will consist in an event (lasting half day) to be held in a location easy to reach by all the partners, open to the public and specifically addressed to the stakeholders. It will involve possibly high level speakers.

The Closing conference will consist of a full-day event to be held at month 24, that will try to involve all the participants in the project activities (partners, stakeholders, EC) and relevant representatives of the main stakeholder’s groups or sectors having interest in MSP.


C3.5 Participation in other events

Project partners will be encouraged to disseminate project findings and different aspects of the project activities at appropriate academic conferences and stakeholders events; as a minimum, the project will be presented during the European Maritime Day 2017 and 2018, and in relevant events taken at regional and national level, in each of the consortium Member States and also in the UNEP-MAP context. In the web portal, there will be a section considering the events participated by the Partners where the project activity will be presented, in order to assure an effective recording and information sharing.


C3.6 Articles in Scientific Journals

Partners with a scientific background will be encouraged to submit articles in peer-reviewed Journals relevant for the coastal and marine management and spatial planning, describing the aims and progress of the project, considering the science–policy contribution. Due to the peer-review process and its rules, publications are not guaranteed and they could occur also after the end of the project. In any case, this activity would give further visibility and wide diffusion to the original aspects that might be developed along the project. Open access to all scientific publications and data produced during the project will be promoted as fundamental mean to make the outputs of the project visible, accessed and reusable by all interested partners, stakeholders and possible users.


UNEP-MAP will coordinate Component 3 and sub-components C3.1, C3.2, C3.3 and C3.5, while MIT will coordinate C3.4 and CORILA C3.6. All partners will be involved in Component 3 activities according to their role in the project.