Component 3: Communication and Dissemination

A Communication Plan (CP) will be developed during the initial stage of the project and it will be updated every 6 months, in order to better address the targets and to give to partners the possibility to add new communication and dissemination opportunities.

A proper Communication strategy should be able to favour a bi-directional dialogue between the Authorities in charge of MSP, the stakeholders and the civil society. The societal needs that the MSP process are considering should be properly put in evidence and the role of MSP in the growth of the economy (Blue Growth), while preserving the Environmental Status of the sea, particularly underlined.

The CP will identify the best strategies and tools to address the targeted audience, that  will be better identified in the CP, having in mind who the Competent Authorities are likely to engage in the implementation of the MSP Directive. It will include (not an exhaustive list):

  • Policy makers and Administration Authorities at different levels (local, national and international) with responsibilities for marine-related activities;
  • Coastal and maritime users, including economic activities and environmental interests, in particular in regional or cross-border contexts;
  • Marine related bodies at regional scale who are already engaged in transboundary cooperation and offer structures and networks for communication and dissemination;
  • The academic marine management and MSP community (e.g. Marine Spatial Planning Research Network and JPI Oceans) in order to contribute to current dialogue on MSP;
  • The general public, including citizens and NGOs.

The main objectives of the dissemination activity will be the following:

  1. raising awareness of the project activities and the benefits of MSP;
  2. engage target groups in dialogue in order to receive input and feedback from different stakeholders.