Component 1: Implementation of MSP

The objective of the SUPREME project is to support Member States in establishing and developing Maritime Spatial Plans in the Eastern Mediterranean and implement cooperation on cross-border planning in this sea basin. The action seeks to stimulate the development of a cross-border, ecosystem-based approach towards MSP, based on the requirements of the Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning 2014/89/EU.

The work will test MSP process considering two different spatial domains:

- at basin scale, an initial overview of the area will be carried out;

- at the scale of marine areas under National responsibility, to support Member States for the implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning, where some Case Study Areas will be identified (see C.1.3.8) to illustrate how the challenges to MSP implementation can be addressed, taking into account the transboundary dimension in each case study.

MSP processes will entail challenges at both scales, with particular respect to transboundary and cross-border issues. The project will demonstrate that proper actions to address effectively the transboundary challenges have to be taken into consideration at both scales, in coherence between them.