Brief Summary of the action  

The Supporting maritime spatial Planning in the Eastern Mediterranean (SUPREME) proposal involves competent authorities in charge of MSP, as designated by the Governs of 4 Member States (Croatia, Greece, Italy and Slovenia) of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and the UNEP/MAP Barcelona Convention.

SUPREME will focus on two key objectives, stated in the call for proposals:

  • Support the implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in EU Member States within their marine waters in the Eastern Mediterranean, including the Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean and Levantine Seas
  • Launch and carry out concrete and cross-border MSP initiative between Member States in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The SUPREME actions will include the following topics:

- Understand future and potential needs for cross-border areas and issues (including the description of human activities and ecosystem components);

- Provide guidelines and recommendations for a conceptual methodology for cross-border aspects of MSP

- establish a mechanism for cross-border cooperation in the preparation of maritime spatial planning (a regional SME platform)

- Analysis of data needs and gaps in relation to a perpetual cross-border

- Analysis and testing of tools and methods for the MSP process

- Development and experimentation of stakeholder engagement approaches

- Analysis of the relationship between relevant policy instruments (eg MSFD, WFD, etc.)

- Promote integration between ICZM and MSP, addressing the connection between land and sea.

- undertake case studies that illustrate how the challenges of MSP implementation can be addressed

The SUPREME results will be aimed at identifying and sharing best practice in the subject: technical, scientific, legal, economic and social aspects of the implementation of MSP and promoting effective cooperation on cross-border MSP issues.

Duration (in months): 24 months

Amount (in €): 1.999.996 €